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Picked up 6 new Connley Rods! - Sunday, February 13, 2011

So I picked up 6 rods from Bryan today, I live in Palm Beach and was able to see how me makes them and he walked me through everything. Very impressive. I rods are are amazing, I saw a lot of your guys orders in there (including the pink rod for vday, its looking good) 

I went with his basic colors that he wraps with because I like the colors and I couldn't wait to use the new rods. 

He takes a ton of pride in what he does and it shows in his work and the way he explains everything. 

For me it was supporting someone local that is a good guy and makes a great product. 

I will let you know what I think of them on the water, I would highly recommend using Bryan, especially if you want something custom made. I have him making me something really nice for me two custom rods for my Stellas. 

Down the road I think I will have him make a pink and black rod for my wife. The pink looks really good. Especially for a lady in the family that likes to fish. 

I can tell you one thing also his website pictures give his rods zero justice and he is working on improving that. 

If anyone has any questions let me know. 

I will post pictures later of the rods with the reels. 


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I have 13! - Sunday, February 13, 2011

i have bought 13 rods from bryan in the last year including the ones that were in his auction. im very happy with them. have to get rid of some more of my older stuff then will be looking for 4 standups and then should be done for awhile. worked out good when the package of the last 6 or 7 showed i happened to be home from work sick and they were put away. the wife asked me what i wanted for christmas told her i would take care of it. when i didnt put anything under the tree for myself she was pissed and told me i better go buy some new reels or something for the boat. i said ill wait to the spring and get the reels.( worked out as good as having them sent to a buddy's house).shes actually ok with almost anything i do but a little sympathy goes a long way

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Top Notch - Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bryan is top notch when it comes to custom Rods. I have about ten rods that he built 10 or so years ago. Awesome Purple and black everyone identical. everything from a light tackle backcountry rod up to my pride and joy, a Swordfish rod with my Shimano 50 wide. In all the rods I have purchased I had one issue, Someone stepped on it and broke a guide. I called Bryan and he fixed it free of charge and I was more than willing to pay for it. The man would have no part of it.

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Jigging Rods - Sunday, February 13, 2011

Have never posted on this site as I usually just browse the classifieds but I felt compelled to reply here. Bryan's jigging rods are awesome. He built me two for my torium 30's last year and they have become my favorite rods. They have more backbone and a little less flex than standard jigging rods but are still just as light and give the jigs great action. I got the rods for jigging yellowfins in the islands but they have become my go-to rods for muttons and grouper as well. I cannot say enough about Bryans rods and his great service and will be picking up a couple more spinners from him at the Islamorada Nautical Flea Market. Dolphin season is approaching!

See you there Bryan,

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Wahoo Wire Rods..... SPECTACULAR! - Sunday, February 13, 2011

Got my very nicely made custom stand up wire line rods a couple days ago and I could not be happier. If they fish half as good as they look, the Wahoo in Barbados better watch out !!! :-)

Aside from that, Bryan is a gentleman and a pleasure to do business with.

HIGHLY recommended!! Had a few of my fishing buddies over for dinner last night and the general consensus on the rods was "SPECTACULAR". One of them is an amateur rod builder and he was well impressed.

Gonna take the in laws out on the boat tomorrow for a spin and may be forced to send back a couple wahoo baits to see how the rods perform.

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Fast Delivery - Friday, February 11, 2011

Wow, fast delivery to the West coast. The mail notice was left yesterday and I have them in hand. Both works of art. Thanks for the gaffs.


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WOW! Great Rods! - Friday, February 11, 2011

Just received 7 custom rods and the matching gaff from Bryan. All I can say is WOW! They are beautiful. Thanks again Bryan

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Great Quality Gaffs - Friday, February 11, 2011

WOW!!! I just got my gaff... I had no idea the gaff would be this nice!!! Bryan did a custom wrap to match my rods and added my boat name... The quality of the wrap and the heavy duty (but light weight) of the gaff was incredible... Can't wait to sink it into some tuna!!! 

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Gaffs are second to none - Friday, February 11, 2011

YO----just received my gaff order and IT IS FABULOUS----easily worth 3 times the price---the quality if SECOND TO NONE!!!!!---I normally don't send reviews on items but you are really missing the boat if you are in the market for one of these and you don't get it here!!!!!!!!!-------Steve

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Great work! - Friday, February 11, 2011

Got my new rods in. Nice work, and great communication. 
Thanks Bryan.

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